Bull Jizz Billionaire

The Truth About Charles W. Herbster is Sticky, and that's no Bull.

Meet the Bull Jizz Billionaire

Charles W. Herbster, owner of a multi-level marketing company and candidate for Nebraska governor in 2022, exploded his business holdings by deeply thrusting himself into the world of bull jizz. How does one guy jut into such a ropy business, like bull semen? Grab a fluffer and find out.

Starting at a young age, Charles’ life was stuffed full of anus…er…angus cattle. Joining the family business, his mee-maw, a GILF if there ever was one, took a money shot and showered Charles with lots of attention…and cows.

At a not so young age, the Herbster lost his V-card running his first business, a multi-level marketing company. After nearly filing for bankruptcy three times and paying his taxes late over 600 times, Chuck erected a new interest and thrust his way into the white hot world of bull jizz.

In 2011, Charles Herbster paid $275,000 for a big, black bull named “Harvestor.” While making it rain with the bull, Herbster was late paying over $47,000 of personal property taxes, screwing over his neighbors in Richardson County, Nebraska.

As Charles Herbster bought more bulls, he put his hands on a hot business to milk out all the profits—as well as their semen. Buying North American Breeders in Berryville, Virginia in 2015, Charles jerked the bull’s twigs and berries to harden the bottom line, and he yanked more money into his companies.

But times were hard, so Charles clamped down and paid over $36,000 of 2014 property taxes late…again. Charles collared the market with his political donations of nearly $2.7 million to Beau McCoy’s limp 2014 gubernatorial run. After Beau lost, Charles pegged him as an obedient new hire for his multi-level marketing company.

Putting a whole new meaning to “working down on the ranch,” Charles Herbster double penetrated the bull jizz market when he bought a purebred Simmental bull for $400,000 in 2016. Bull sale porn watchers think it was a record for a Nebraskan-to-Nebraskan fetish sale. Of course, Charles again nailed his neighbors in Falls City, Nebraska when his property taxes were paid late.

Charles Herbster will always be known for his masochistic purchase of a $1.5 million bull that he personally called “a phenomenal, phenotypical freak.” Hoof to horn, that bull would make any cow’s eyes pop, with loads of bull semen.

With an orgy of bulls and an intense fellatio facility, Charles turned his gaze on Nebraska governor for 2022. With a fist raised and a circle jerk of former Trump advisers around him, Charles Herbster plans to blow his way into a new job as Nebraska’s governor. That’s no bull

Spread the Facts

Our website might be silly, but our mission is serious. Share the facts. Inform your friends. Tell Charles W. Herbster to go back to milking his bulls; not Nebraska voters.

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